Places to Eat:

Rita's Kitchen (Scottsdale): This restaurant, pictured above, is at the JW Marriott Camelback Inn. The Camelback Inn has always been one of my favorite places to visit in Scottsdale (their spa is perfection), but this was my first time eating at Rita's. The margaritas were beyond and the view was even better!

The Montauk (Scottsdale): We stumbled upon The Montauk for brunch after crazy wait times at other restaurants, and I am so glad that we did! This place was my dream. The decor was the cutest ever, like I want to move in tomorrow, and the food was great too! We ordered the truffled deviled eggs (you must), and crepes.

The Greene House (Scottsdale): Love the vibe at Greenhouse! We started with the warm brie, I had the fresh pasta, and then the donut for dessert. The donut recipe came from The French Laundry, so you definitely can't go wrong there!

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Things to Do:

Antelope Canyon (Page): This was a major bucket list day for me. I checked off this and Horseshoe Bend. If you visit Page make sure to do both! We did the lower Antelope Canyon tour. You have to go through on a guided tour, and it was honestly one of the most amazing things that I have ever done. Photos can't capture the amazing colors and beauty of Antelope Canyon!

Horseshoe Bend (Page): Seeing Horseshoe Bend in person was kind of unreal. I definitely have a plan to go back later in the day close to sunset. We went in the middle of the day and it was a little crowded. The view here was still unreal! You can sit on the edge and look all around and see the beautiful Arizona scenery. 

Kendrick Park (Flagstaff): You have to be brave for this one! It is a little bit of a drive from downtown Flagstaff, but the view of the stars was like nothing I have seen before! You drive down an empty road and turn off the car lights and the view is incredible. It is pitch black since it is so far from any towns (I almost didn't even get out of the car it was so dark) but the views are so worth it!

Sedona: I love spending a few hours in Sedona shopping and grabbing lunch. There are so many stores to find unique items that you would't find anywhere else. I recommend stopping at the candy store in Tlaquepaque and grabbing a prickly pear lemonade to start things off! I always make sure to grab and ornament at one of the Christmas stores around there, they have such fun ornaments!

I just got back from the most amazing long weekend in Arizona, and wanted to share some of my favorites from the trip! I started my weekend visiting my sister in Flagstaff, we visited Page, and then we headed down to Sedona, and finally Scottsdale! It was such a great experience seeing so many different parts of Arizona, I had only really been to Scottsdale and Sedona in the past. There are so many amazing things to see and do in Arizona, so I hope you find this post helpful, and I would love to hear other recommendations!