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January Twenty Ninth

We finally hit winter for a few weeks in St. Louis, so I had to bring out some of my warmer pieces! This is the first fur scarf that I have owned and I am loving it! It makes any outfit look super cozy. Also, no one believes me when I tell them that these boots are from Target! I love finding hidden gems like that. They are great quality and you definitely can't beat the Target pricing.

I hope you are staying warm. Have a great weekend!

January Fourteenth

I met my sister for lunch downtown on the most ridiculously gorgeous day in St. Louis. I mean, it's January I should be bundled like the little kid in A Christmas Story! It felt like a crisp fall day, so I dressed appropriately. A little secret on this sweater: it's $30 online which still isn't bad, but at my H&M I got it for $10! I love that the fringe detail gives it a bohemian look. My jeans were on Zara forever but they have sold out online, but if Zara stores still have them their TRF distressed jogging is amazing.

Hope your weather was just as beautiful today!

January Twelfth

So, I bought this dress for New Years and unfortunately I procrastinated and it didn't come in on time..typical. But I was so obsessed that I couldn't part with it. My birthday was this past week, so what better time to wear a sassy dress? I have become quite literally reliant on Tobi for cute going out clothes. Their prices are way reasonable (you aren't that mad if someone spills a drink on your cute outfit…maybe just a little) and actually great quality! If you are looking for affordable, cute options for an event I really would check it out!

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