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Stormy Morning Cocktail

It's Friday, and currently 14 degrees outside here in St. Louis. So, obviously we are talking cocktails that look like spring. Let's be honest I am so over winter, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. I first had this drink at Gram & Dun in Kansas City. It's one of those bars you can tell them what you like and they make something fabulous for you. I literally wrote down the ingredients while I was at the bar, because I was so obsessed. The only problem with this drink is tracking down the creme de violette. Apparently people in Missouri aren't really into the creme de violette. Weird, right? So here it is:

Stormy Morning

1.5 oz Creme de Violette
1.5 oz St. Germain
1 oz fresh lime juice
4 oz Champagne
Lime Wedge for Garnish

Pour the Creme de Violette over ice. Add St. Germain, lime juice, and champagne. Garnish with a lime. Cheers!

Weekend in San Francisco & Napa

I had the most amazing Valentine's Day weekend in San Francisco & Napa Valley!

View of the city from a morning walk.

Day One: We stayed at the Monaco near Union Square. It was close to shopping, restaurants, and it was also so cute! We spent our day shopping and hitting the tourist spots. I hadn't been to San Francisco since I was like 7 so I was so excited to explore the city!  We ended our night with dinner at Waterbar. I'm not even sure what the words are to describe how much I loved Waterbar. The food was something I will dream about probably forever, and the view was to die for. We had the scallops, crab cocktail, shrimp cocktail, and the crab encrusted filet. 

Drinks at Waterbar, with the view.

Day Two: We woke up early and I headed to Juice Shop for some pineapple, pear, chia seed juice. I was getting laughed at for paying $11 for juice, but it was worth it! We took a walk around the city (I can still feel the burn from walking those hills), saw Lombard street and had a quick lunch before heading to Napa. My Napa trip was a whirlwind, so many wineries! We were staying at the 1801 Inn, a bed & breakfast near downtown Napa. Here is my list from the first day:

1. Domaine Chandon: Beautiful grounds and champagne, so duh I was going to love it.
2. Silver Oak: A quick stop but really gorgeous building.
3. James Cole: My favorite from this day! I liked all of the wine, the decor was amazing, and the bottles are so cool (I am a total sucker for pretty labels). 
4. Darioush: When we pulled up I was like are we going to the spa or wine tasting? It is like an Indian Palace/Spa. So relaxing, the wine was great and they serve pistachios to soak up the millions of glasses of wine you've had.

Seriously, how pretty is Darioush?

We had dinner reservations at Torc. Where we had more wine (like we needed more), deviled eggs, sweet potato pakora, and the NY strip steak. 

Our bed & breakfast: 1801 First

Day Three: Day two was our warm up round, this day was some serious wine tasting. Here is my list:

1. Frank Family: Good wine, the crowd was odd. Someone in our tasting was gargling their wine, soooo it was…entertaining?
2. Duckhorn: Duckhorn was perfect. The staff was so friendly, and the winery was the cutest thing I have ever seen. Oh, and the maple bacon popcorn was a big hit with our group. 
3. Hall Wines: Yes. Yes. Yes. My favorite of the trip. I have a million photos from this winery. The giant silver bunny in the vineyard drew us in, but the wine ended up being my favorite.
4.  Heitz: Free tasting, nice patio to sit on outside. 
5. Sattui: This was one of the few that had food, so we ate lunch here. We picked some cheese and breads sat outside and picnicked. 
6. Alpha Omega: This is a beautiful winery. It seemed like the young, chic winery. The atmosphere was great, the wine wasn't my favorite. 
7. Turnbull: Our last stop of the day. There are puppies here, so that's probably all you need to know. You can sit outside around a fire pit and the scenery is amazing.

At Hall Wines, Hat Sunglasses Top Leggings

View from Duckhorn

Valentine's Dinner at Bistro Jeanty. I had the steak frites and then for dessert a bag made out of chocolate with raspberry milkshake. So, here's the thing, the milkshake didn't sound all that appealing but the chocolate bag? I had to order it, because duh it's a bag made out of chocolate!

My Obsession AKA the chocolate bag

February Tenth

Cape: Similar Tee: Vince Denim: Citizens of Humanity Sunglasses: Ray Ban Booties: Similar Lips: Nars Golshan

I'm obsessed with capes, especially an aztec print one. Slap aztec print on anything and I am guaranteed to buy it. Unfortunately this cape is a few years old from H&M, but I linked as similar as I could find. The t-shirt is Vince, which I know looking at the price point might seem ridiculous but I promise you will never want to wear another t-shirt again. It is my absolute favorite shirt, the softest ever. Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a great week!

February Fourth

Sweatshirt: Alternative Apparel, Similar Leggings: Vigoss Scarf: Forever 21 Boots: Similar Lips: Nars Golshan

If you are looking for leather leggings I definitely recommend these! I searched forever for the perfect ones and these are it. Literally. Perfect. They zip on the side, the fit is amazing all the way to the ankle, and they don't stretch out! I love dressing down a leather legging with a casual top. This is the softest sweatshirt from Alternative Apparel, I linked a similar one. These Sperry's are perfect for my style. I'm not really a boat shoe kind of girl, but I love the look of this boot with the fun leopard print.

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